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About the new product sales system


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Dec 12, 2017
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Hello to everyone,

Many customers on the old sales system had a hard time deciding how to download files after they were bought. Therefore, we decided to integrate a more practical sales system for our customers into my website and transferred all of our customers' licenses to this system, creating a new and simple environment.

Although we have tried to base the dates on the old sales system, there may be some things that escape our eyes. It would be appropriate for our customers who have problems with the theme and add-on licenses on the old sales system to report their problems under this heading. The required arrangements will be made immediately.

We also had to set many of our customers' licenses inactive. Because our customers have to correctly enter what website they want to use the products they have purchased. Otherwise we are having difficulty in fulfilling general support services. So when you activate your licenses, you have to write down the web site address in which the theme is to be used in the web site.

Apart from these, the Terms & Conditions is also a requirement to specify the website addresses correctly. See:
9. License URL valid

After your purchase, you must enter the URL on which the product will be installed. Once the url enters, you will be able to download the product. If the url does not exist or it is a false url, we grant ourselves the right to suspend the licenses until the correct URL is entered. If no reply or correction is made by the customer, the license may be suspended permanently.

Best regards...

XenMake Management